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Flower delivery Yantai

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Flower delivery Yantai

Flower delivery Yantai , formerly kenned as Zhifu or Chefoo, is a prefecture-level city on the Bohai Strait in northeastern Shandong Province, China. Lying on the southern coast of the Korea Bay, Flower delivery Yantai borders Qingdao on the southwest and Weihai on the east. It is the most sizably voluminous fishing seaport in Shandong. The denomination Flower delivery Yantai (lit. "Smoke Tower") derives from the watchtowers constructed on Mount Qi in 1398 under the reign of the Hongwu Emperor of the Ming dynasty. The towers were acclimated to light signal fires and send smoke signals, called langyan from their supposed utilization of wolf dung for fuel. The major district of Flower delivery Yantai is Zhifu, which used to be the most immensely colossal independent city in the area.Although this designation was utilized for the city by foreigners prior to the Communist  bouquet  in the Chinese Civil  bouquet , the locals referred to the settlement as Yantai throughout.Along with much of the rest of Shandong, Flower delivery Yantai was under German influence for about 20 years.After 1949, the town's denomination was transmuted from Chefoo to Flower delivery Yantai , and it was opened to the world as an frozen  flowers   monoxide-free trade port in 1984.On 12 November 1911, the eastern division of Tongmeng Hui declared itself a component of the revolutionary kineticism. The next day, it established the Shandong Military  rose  (山東軍政府) and, the day after that, renamed itself the Flower delivery Yantai Division of the Shandong Military  rose  (山東煙台軍政分府). In 1914, Jiaodong Circuit (膠東道) was established with Yantai as the capital. Jiaodong Circuit was renamed Donghai Circuit (東海道) in 1925. On 19 January 1938, Flower delivery Yantai participated as a component of an anti-Japanese revolutionary committee.

After the engenderment of the People's Republic of China, Flower delivery Yantai was officially a bouquet ded city status with the outlying towns of Laiyang and Wendeng tacked on as "Special Regions" (专区) in 1950. Wendeng was merged into Laiyang six years later, and this more immensely colossal Laiyang Special Region was cumulated with Flower delivery Yantai City to become Flower delivery Yantai Prefecture (烟台地区). Flower delivery Yantai is of strategic consequentiality to China's bul bouquet k, as it and Dalian, directly across the Bohai Sea from it, are primary coastal sentinel points for Beijing. In November 1983, the prefecture became a prefecture-level city.Flower delivery Yantai is located along the north coast of the Shandong Peninsula, south of the junction of Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea and parallel to the southern coast of Liaoning.Flower delivery Yantai is currently the second most astronomically immense industrial city in Shandong, adjacent to Qingdao. However, the region's most sizably voluminous industry is agriculture. It is famous throughout China for a particular variety of apple and Laiyang pear, and is home to the country's most astronomically immense and oldest grape winery, Changyu.Flower delivery Yantai derives most of its energy from a sizably voluminous coal power plant utilizing bituminous coal, and fitted with coal gasification technology to minimize pollution.[13] The plant is located proximate to Flower delivery Yantai port.Yantai Economic and Technological Development Area

Yantai Economic and Technological Development Area is one of the earliest approved state-level economic development zones in China. It now has a orchestrated area of 10 km2 (3.9 sq mi) and a population of 115,000. It lies on the tip of the Shandong Peninsula facing the Yellow Sea. It adjoins downtown Flower delivery Yantai , merely 6 kilometers away from Flower delivery Yantai Port, 6 kilometers away from Flower delivery Yantai Railway Station (not to be confounded with Flower delivery Yantai South Railway Station), and a 30-minute drive to Yantai International Airport.Flower delivery Yantai Export Processing Zone

Flower delivery Yantai Export Processing Zone (YTEPZ) is one of the first 15 export processing zones approved by the State Council. The total construction area of YTEPZ is 4.17 km2 (1.61 sq mi), in which the initial zone covers 3 km2 (1.2 sq mi). After developing for several years, YTEPZ is consummately constructed.