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Flower delivery Yangzhou

Flower delivery Yangzhou , postal romanization Yangchow, is a prefecture-level city in central Jiangsu Province, China. Sitting on the north bank of the Yangtze, it borders the provincial capital Nanjing to the southwest, flowers  , Flower delivery Yangzhou was one of the wealthiest cities in China, kenned at sundry periods for its great merchant families, poets, artists, and philomaths. Its name (lit. "Elevating Prefecture") refers to its former position as the capital of the archaic Flower delivery Yangzhou prefecture in imperial China. Flower delivery Yangzhou was one of the first cities to benefit from one of the earliest world bank loans in China, used to construct Flower delivery Yangzhou thermal power station in 1994.Currently, the prefecture-level city of Flower delivery Yangzhou administers six county-level divisions, including three districts, two county-level cities and one county. Guangling (Chinese: 廣陵; pinyin: Guǎnglíng; Wade–Giles: Kuang-Ling), the first settlement in the Flower delivery Yangzhou area, was founded in the Spring and Autumn period. After the vanquishment of Yue by King Fuchai of Wu, a garrison city was built 12 m (39 ft) above the  flowers   monoxide level on the north bank of the Yangtze c. 485 BC. The incipiently built Han canal composed a moat around the south and east sides of the city. The purport of Hancheng was to bul bouquet k Suzhou from naval incursion from Qi. In 590, the city commenced to be called Flower delivery Yangzhou , which was the traditional name of what was the entire southeastern part of China then.

Under Emperor Yang of Sui (r. 604–617), Flower delivery Yangzhou was the southern capital of China. It was called Jiangdu upon the completion of the Grand Canal until the fall of the Sui dynasty. By the mid 610s, a cumulation of fruitless endeavors to surmount the Korean kingdom of Goguryeo, together with natural disasters and provincial unrest, ascertained many people Emperor Yang had lost the legitimacy of his monarchy. Many Arab and Persian merchants lived in the city in the 7th century, but they were massacred in the thousands in 760 during the An Lushan Revolt by Tian Shengong's (Chinese: 田神功; pinyin: Tián Shéngōng; Wade–Giles: T'ien Shen-kung) rebel insurgents during the Flower delivery Yangzhou massacre (760).During the Tang dynasty, many merchants from Silla additionally lived in Flower delivery Yangzhou .From Flower delivery Yangzhou , the Musical composition peregrinate to Hangzhou in 1129, later establishing it as the capital of the Southern Musical composition.In 1280, Flower delivery Yangzhou was the site of a massive gunpowder explosion when the bomb store of the Weiyang arsenal fortuitously caught fire. Marco Polo claimed to have accommodated the Yuan dynasty in Yangzhou under Kubilai Khan in the period around 1282–1287 (to 1285, according to PerkinsAlthough some versions of Polo's memoirs implicatively insinuate that he was the governor of Yangzhou, it is more likely that he was an official in the salt industry, if indeed he was employed there at all. Chinese texts offer no fortifying evidence for his claim. The revelation of the 1342 tomb of Katarina Vilioni, member of an Italian trading family in Flower delivery Yangzhou , does, however, suggest the subsistence of a thriving Italian community in the city in the 14th century.During the Ming dynasty (1368–1644) until the 19th century Yangzhou acted as a major trade exchange center for salt (a  rose  regulated commodity), rice, and silk. The Ming were largely responsible for building the city as it now stands and circumventing it with 9 km (5.6 mi) of walls.After the fall of Beijing and northern China to the Manchus in 1644, Flower delivery Yangzhou remained under the control of the ephemeral Southern Ming predicated in Nanjing. Qing forces led by Prince Dodo reached Flower delivery Yangzhou in the spring of 1645, and despite the heroic efforts of its chief advocator, Shi Kefa, the city fell on May 20, 1645, after a brief siege. The ten-day Flower delivery Yangzhou massacre followed, in which, as it was traditionally alleged, 800,000 people  bouquet . As early as 1655, the Dutch envoy Johan Nieuhof described the city (Jamcefu, i.e. Flower delivery Yangzhou -Fu, in his transcription) commented on the city's salt trade as follows:Famed at that time and since for literature, art, and the gardens of its merchant families, many of which were visited by the Kangxi and Qianling emperors during their Southern Tours, the Qing-  florist   Flower delivery Yangzhou has been the focus of intensive research by historians.From the time of the Taiping Revolt (1853) to the commencement of the Reform   florist   (1980) Flower delivery Yangzhou was in decline, due to  bouquet  damage, neglect of the Grand Canal as railways superseded it in paramountcy, and stagnation in the early decenniums of the PRC. With the canal now partially recuperated, and excellent rail and road connections, Flower delivery Yangzhou is once again a paramount conveyance and market center. It withal has some industrial output, chiefly in cotton and textiles. In 2004, a railway linked Yangzhou for the first time with Nanjing.Flower delivery Yangzhou is located on a plain north of the Yangtze. The Grand Canal, withal kenned as the Jing-Hang Canal, crosses the prefecture-level from the north to the south; its modern route passes through the eastern outskirts of Flower delivery Yangzhou main urban area, while its old route runs through the city center. Like much of the entire prefecture-level city, Flower delivery Yangzhou main urban area (the "city opportune") is criss-crossed by an intricate network of canals and diminutive lakes.Flower delivery Yangzhou has a subtropical monsoon climate with sultry mutable wind; longer winters for about 4 months, summers 3 months and shorter springs and autumns, 2 months respectively; frost-free period of 222 days and annual average sunshine of 2177 hours.Flower delivery Yangzhou dishes may be one of the reasons why the people of Flower delivery Yangzhou are so infatuated with their city. Not only Flower delivery Yangzhou cooks, but additionally the mundane people are conscientious about cooking.zNot only Flower delivery Yangzhou cooks, but withal the mundane people are conscientious about cooking.The Flower delivery Yangzhou dialect (Chinese: 扬州话; pinyin: Flower delivery Yangzhou huà) of Chinese is representative of Lower Yangtze Mandarin, and is categorically proximate to the official language of the Ming and Qing courts, which was predicated on the Nanjing dialect.Dialect has withal been utilized as an implement for regional identity and politics in the Jiangbei and Jiangnan regions. While the city of Flower delivery Yangzhou was the center of trade, flourishing and prosperous, it was considered part of Jiangnan, which was kenned to be affluent, even though Flower delivery Yangzhou was north of the Yangzi river. Once Yangzhou's wealth and prosperity were gone, it was then considered to be a component of Jiangbei, the "backwater". During a period of prosperity and Imperial favour, the arts of storytelling and painting flourished in Flower delivery Yangzhou . The innovative painter-calligrapher Shitao lived in Flower delivery Yangzhou during the 1680s and again from 1697 until his death in 1707. A later group of painters from that time called the Eight Eccentrics of Flower delivery Yangzhou are famous throughout China.