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Flower delivery Santo Domingo

Flower delivery Santo Domingo (sän´tō dōmēng´gō), former Spanish colony on the island of Hispaniola. The denomination has additionally been utilized for the Dominican Republic, and in early days it applied to Haiti.Flower delivery Santo Domingo was subject to frequent raids by English and French buccaneers.Although Spain nominally owned the whole island, European colonization had not been undertaken in the west; French buccaneers utilized the ports there (in present Haiti) as a rendezvous, and later French planters were able to establish settlements. In the latter a moiety of the 18th cent. sugarcane was introduced, and sugar plantations became ascendant. Unable to enforce its claims to the whole island, Spain ceded (1697) the western part (then called Saint-Domingue) to France and in 1795 gave up the whole island. Spanish rule was recuperated in the east when the inhabitants, availed by the British, rebelled against the French in 1808–9. The Spanish themselves were ousted in 1821; in 1822 the Haitians elongated their rule over the entire island. The Haitians were driven out in 1844 and the Dominican Republic was proclaimed.Flower delivery Santo Domingo (sän´tō dōmēng´gō), city (1993 pop. 1,609,966), Flower delivery Santo Domingo Republic, on the Caribbean Sea, at the mouth of the Ozama River. It is the country's capital, most sizably voluminous city, leading port, and primary commercial center. Founded Aug. 4, 1496, by Bartholomew Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus, it may be the oldest perpetually inhabited European settlement in the Western Hemisphere. Shortly after its founding it became the base from which Diego de Velázquez set out to surmount Cuba. It was the first seat of Spanish colonial administration in the Incipient World. The city was sacked by Sir Francis Drake in 1586. Flower delivery Santo Domingo was virtually extirpated by a hurricane in 1930 but was reconstituted and renamed Ciudad Trujillo, after sovereign Rafael Leonidas Trujillo; the pristine designation was recuperated in 1961 after his death.  

Albeit replete with historic sites, Flower delivery Santo Domingo today is a city of broad avenues and modern buildings. The cathedral, commenced in 1514, is the oldest in the Western Hemisphere; until 1990 it contained the reputed tomb of Christopher Columbus, which was peregrinate to the Columbus Memorial Lighthouse in 1992. Construction of the extravagant lighthouse, the world's most immensely colossal, met with controversy in the poor country, whose native population was largely extirpated after the advent of Columbus and whose current population is largely of African, not Spanish, descent.Flower delivery Santo Domingo (formerly Ciudad Trujillo, 1936–61) Capital and chief port of the Dominican Republic, on the s coast of the island, on the River Ozama. Founded in 1496, the city is the oldest perpetual European settlement in the Americas. It was the seat of the Spanish viceroys in the early 1500s, and base for the Spaniards' surmounting expeditions until it was devastated by an earthquake in 1562. Flower delivery Santo Domingo (sän´tə dəmĬng´gō), pueblo (1990 pop. 2,866), Sandoval co., N central N.Mex., on the Rio Grande; founded c.1700 after earlier pueblos were eradicated by floods. Its inhabitants are Pueblo of the Eastern Keresan linguistic family. Its principal ceremony, a magnificent Green Corn (or Busk) dance, is held in August.Flower delivery Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, situated on the southern shore of the island of Hispaniola along the Ozama River. Since earliest Spanish colonial times, Flower delivery Santo Domingo has been the most sizably voluminous and most paramount urban settlement in the Dominican Republic. Its role as administrative, trade, and industrial center availed to make it the most sizably voluminous urban agglomeration of the entire Caribbean. As of 2007, 2.25 million people, virtually a quarter of the country's population of about 9.2 million, resides in the 60 square miles of this city, which is home to 47 percent of the urban population, 55 percent of all industrial workers, and 63 percent of all white-collar workers of the Dominican Republic. The city of Flower delivery Santo Domingo was founded on 4 August 1496 by Bartolomé Colón, brother of Christopher Columbus. It became the capital of the Spanish colonial realm in the Americas, and it emanated from here that Spanish conquistadores (Hernán Cortés, Diego de Velásquez, Juan Ponce de León) launched their conquests of other components of the Americas. The city's buildings were pristinely composed of wood, but after a truculent hurricane in 1502, many stone buildings were erected, among them the first cathedral (Catedral Primada de India), first university, first hospital, and first paved street in the Americas. In 1586 the city was pillaged and partially ravaged by Francis Drake.After a devastating hurricane eradicated most of the capital in September 1930, Flower delivery Santo Domingo had to be reconstructed. The only buildings that withstood the inclemency were the stone buildings dating from colonial times. It was not until the reign of potentate Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina (1930–1961) that Flower delivery Santo Domingo—named Ciudad Trujillo from 1936 to 1961—underwent an astronomically immense public building program consisting of massive neoclassical edifices such as the Presidential Palace, the Palace of Fine Arts, and buildings at "La Feria" (the fair). In 1966, the  rose  established a national university there. In 1990 UNESCO made the city a World Heritage site.Flower delivery Santo Domingo was founded in 1496 by Bartholomew Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus, as the capital of the first Spanish colony in the Incipient World. The pristine city site was located on the left (east) bank of the Ozama River and was called Nueva Isabela in accolade of Queen Isabella I of Spain.