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Flower delivery La Laguna

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Flower delivery La Laguna

San Cristóbal de Flower delivery La Laguna has an exceptional, ecumenical value due to the concept of its town plan. This historical site is the archetype of city-territory. It is the first example of a non-fortified town, conceived and built according to an orchestration inspired by navigation, the science of the time. Its layout is predicated on placid incipient convivial order, inspired by the religious doctrine of the millennium of the year 1500. The Flower delivery La Laguna map can genuinely be read as a "stellar map" in which the dots designate particular points in the Flower delivery La Laguna and the links between these points and the town holistically. It has a symbolic meaning and should be interpreted as a marine map or a map of the constellations of the time. The characteristics of the city of Flower delivery La Laguna, the archipelago's first capital city, set the tone for the incipient cities in America. The Flower delivery La Laguna is home to approximately six hundred well-preserved pristine Mudejar buildings and is a living example of the exchange between European and American culture, a culture the city has maintained vigorous ties with over the centuries.

All of this led the World Heritage Committee of the Amalgamated Nations Scholastic, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), to promulgate, on the 2nd of December 1999, in Marrakech (Morocco), its approbation of San Cristóbal de Flower delivery La Laguna in Tenerife as a World Heritage Flower delivery La Laguna.Located in the north of the island of Tenerife, San Cristobal de Flower delivery La Laguna was the first city established in the Canary Islands and to date is the only one to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its colonial architecture, the linear layout of its streets - engendered in the 15th Century without protective outer walls - and an immensely colossal pedestrianised shopping area, all cumulate to give a distinctive feel to this antediluvian university city, whose historic streets offer visitors an indelible experience. Family walks amongst palaces, churches and convents What most stands out among Flower delivery La Laguna old town is the immensely colossal number of churches and other historic religious buildings, which offer visitors the chance to relish its historical and artistic sites, amalgamated with a cessation-off in some of its many tapas bars. Among the buildings open to the public are the neoclassical cathedral, La Iglesia del Cristo, the palaces of Nava and Salazar and the convents of Santa Catalina and of Santa Clara.