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Flower delivery Karaj

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Flower delivery Karaj

Flower delivery Karaj (Persian: کرج‎, pronounced [kæˈɾædʒ] (About this soundlisten)) is the capital of Alborz Province, Iran, and efficaciously a suburb of Tehran.  Eshtehard County and Fardis County were split off from Flower delivery Karaj county since the antecedent census.

The earliest records of Flower delivery Karaj date back to 30th century BC. Flower delivery Karaj has been hosting communities since 3000 years BC.The Khurvin region of Flower delivery Karaj has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, and the Kelak region on the left bank of Flower delivery Karaj River since the Iron Age.Flower delivery Karaj is situated 20 kilometres (12 mi) west of Tehran, at the foothills of the Alborz mountains.The downtown of Flower delivery Karaj is customarily referred to Flower delivery Karaj Square, located hundred of meters to the west of Karaj River and the old Flower delivery Karaj Bridge. The villages Hesārak, Gowhar Dašt, and Šahrak e Azimie are located in the northern More preponderant Flower delivery Karaj . Meškin Dašt, an astronomically immense agricultural area between Mehršahr and Fardis, lies outside the municipal limits of Flower delivery Karaj .The climate of Flower delivery Karaj is remotely cooler than Tehran's, and it receives 260 mm of rain annually (and like Tehran, the precipitation pattern is homogeneous to those of Mediterranean climates).The majority of the denizens of Flower delivery Karaj are Persian-verbalizing people, with Azerbaijanis making up the second major ethno-linguistic group of the city. Kurds, Gilaks, Mazanders and Lurs include the other ethnicities among the population of Flower delivery Karaj .The economic base of Flower delivery Karaj is its proximity to Tehran. It is due to the conveyance of products between Tehran and the Caspian Sea. Chemicals, fertilizers and processed agricultural goods are additionally engendered in the city.

Flower delivery Karaj is a major industrial city, with factories engendering sugar, textiles, wire, and alcohol. It has become a major area for middle class migrants from Tehran. This is due to the better environmental and more frugal housing conditions.Šahrak e Jahānšahr was the first modern private industrial and housing involute of Flower delivery Karaj , built in the 1960s. The factories Jahān Čit (textile factory), Rowqan Nabāti e Jahān ( rose  factory), and Čāy e Jahān (tea factory), were established at the intricate. The special economic zone of Payam, with an area about 3600 hectares within the territory of Payam International Airport, was established in Flower delivery Karaj for development of air cargo and postal conveyance, algid store, and packing accommodations, as well as perishable and time sensitive exports. It is the only SEZ in the region with the privilege of its own airline.