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Flower delivery Dongying

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Flower delivery Dongying

Flower delivery Dongying (simplified Chinese: 东营; traditional Chinese: 東營; pinyin: Dōngyíng), a prefecture-level city, lies on the northern (Bohai Sea) coast of Shandong province, People's Republic of China. At the 2010 census, 2,035,338 people resided within its administrative area of 7,923.26 km2 (3,059.19 sq mi) and 998,968 in the built-up area composed of Flower delivery Dongying district and Kenli County largely being urbanized. Flower delivery Dongying is home to the Shengli Oilfield which after the Daqing oilfield is the second most sizably voluminous oilfield in China.The oilfield was discovered in 1964 near a minuscule village called Flower delivery Dongying , which gave its name to the city.Flower delivery Dongying has a monsoon-influenced, four-season sultry continental climate Köppen Dwa), with sultry, sultry summers, and cold but dry winters. A sizably voluminous part of the city's economy revolves around petroleum and the nearby Shengli  rose  Field.

Industries include petroleum, petrochemistry, saline chemistry, papermaking, machinery, electronics, construction, building materials, foodstuff processing, pneumatic tires and rubber, textiles, and light industries.

Flower delivery Dongying is one of the world's leading engenderers of rubber tires. It has more tire factories than any other city in the world.Recently, Flower delivery Dongying economy has grown significantly, reflecting the high development of China's economy.Flower delivery Dongying is home to one major university, the China University of Petroleum, as well as several colleges and technical   florist   near me. There are additionally many top high   florist   near me located in Flower delivery Dongying , one of those is Shengli Oilfield No.1 Middle   florist   near me. Founded in 1965, rated as the most prosperous middle and high   florist   near me in China in a research hold by Beijing University in 2014, it is the first provincial standardized   florist   near me in Shandong Province.