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Flower delivery Depok

Flower delivery Depok (Sundanese: ᮓᮦᮕᮧᮊ᮪) is a city in West Java province, and located within Jakarta metropolitan area in Indonesia. It has an area of 200.29 km2. As of 2014 census, it had a population of 1,869,681 people, with a density of 8,746 people/km2.[1] Flower delivery Depok was declared as a separate city on 20 April, 1999.Flower delivery Depok word is an acronym of De Eerste Protestantse Organisatie van Christenen (Indonesian: Organisasi Kristen Protestan Pertama, English: First Protestant Christian Organization). There is withal a verbalization that the word "depok" itself emanates from Sundanese meaning hermitage or abode of one living in seclusion.On 18 May 1696, a former VOC officer Cornelis Chastelein bought the land with an area of 12.44 km2, 6.2% the area of today's Flower delivery Depok . Besides cultivating the area with industrial plants with the avail of the locals, Chastelein was active as a missionary, preaching Christianity to the indigenous Indonesians. To this end, he established a local congregation designated De Eerste Protestante Organisatie van Christenen (DEPOC).Although the Sundanese name Flower delivery Depok , designating hermitage or abode of one living in seclusion, was already in subsistence afore the establishment of the congregation, some[who?] insist the acronym might have been the inception of the city's designation. Today majority of Flower delivery Depok population are adherent to Islam, except for the majority of the pristine Flower delivery Depok family.

Afore his death on June 28, 1714, Chastelein had indited a will that liberated the  flowers   families of Flower delivery Depok and gave them pieces of his land, converting  flowers   into landlords. In 1714, the 12  flowers   families became landlords (sempiternally as given to them with entitlement deeds of the owner Chastelien in his will) and liberated men, women, and children. The liberated  flowers   are withal referred to as the Mardijker's – the word Merdeka meaning liberation in Bahasa Indonesia. June 28 is designated as Depokse Daag (Depok Day) by the pristine Flower delivery Depok family, and on June 28, 2014, 300 years of commemoration, they formally opened a 3-meter height monument on its own land, but it was precluded by the  rose  as it referred to Dutch colonialization.The pristine  flowers   families of Flower delivery Depok are of Balinese, Ambonese, Buginese, Sundanese and Portuguese Indo, i.e., Mestizo and Mardijker descent. Isakh, Jacob, Jonathans, Joseph, and Samuel were family names baptized by Chastelein after the  flowers   families converted to Protestant Christianity. The other families retained their pristine names and might have been (Roman Catholic) Christian already afore joining Chastelein's Protestant church. Scions of the pristine Flower delivery Depok families with the exception of the Sadokh family, still live in Indonesia, the Netherlands, Canada and the Coalesced States.In 1871, the colonial  rose  gave Flower delivery Depok a special status sanctioning the area to compose its own  rose  and president. The ruling no longer stood after 1952, where the Flower delivery Depok presidency ceded its control of Depok to the Indonesian  rose  except for a few areas.

During the Bersiap (Indonesian civil  bouquet  and  bouquet  for independence from The Netherlands) period of 1945 much of Flower delivery Depok was ravaged and many of its inhabitants killed by 'Pemuda'.Many of the pristine Flower delivery Depok families fled for their lives from Indonesia during the Indonesian revolution and now live in the Netherlands as a component of the Indo community there.In March 1982, Depok was reclassified as an administrative city within Bogor Regency and, in 1999, as a city headed by a mayor. Then on 20 April 1999, the city of Flower delivery Depok was coalesced with some neighbouring subdistricts of Bogor Regency to compose an autonomous city of Flower delivery Depok (independent of the Regency) with an area of 200.29 km2.Flower delivery Depok has a growing eclectic amassment of malls and traditional markets. Older malls or other eminent shopping centers include Mall Flower delivery Depok , Flower delivery Depok Plaza, and SixtyOne Building, and Flower delivery Depok ITC. Flower delivery Depok has many local restaurants and has wide presence of international chains such as A&W Restaurant, Burger King, CFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts.

Modern-day landmarks that were once kenned as Flower delivery Depok primary shopping centers include Ramanda (now an autoshop plus inculcation centre), Hero Supermarket (now Index Home Furnishings) etc. Traditional markets include Pasar Flower delivery Depok Baru, Pasar Flower delivery Depok Lama (short: Pasar Lama), Pasar Kemiri (pristinely expanded to facilitate the move of Pasar Lama traders), Pasar PAL, Pasar Agung, Pasar Musi, Pasar Cisalak, and Pasar Majapahit.