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Flower delivery Chifeng

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Flower delivery Chifeng

Flower delivery Chifeng ) Ulaɣanqada qota [ʊlaːnxad xɔt], "red cliff"), is a prefecture-level city in southeastern Inner Mongolia, People's Republic of China.However, an immensely colossal part of Songshan is still rural and Yuanbaoshan is a de facto separate town 27 kilometers away from the core district of Flower delivery Chifeng .According to archeological studies, human vocation of the Flower delivery Chifeng area can be traced back at least ten thousand years, and Neolithic cultural  flowers   can be traced back proximately eight thousand years.Representative ruins and relics of Hongshan Culture, Grassland Bronze Culture, Khitan Nationality-Liao Culture and Mongolian-Yuan Culture have been discovered in Flower delivery Chifeng .Named after Flower delivery Chifeng Hongshan District, Hongshan Culture was a Neolithic culture in northeastern China, whose sites have been found mainly in Flower delivery Chifeng , and dated from about 4700 to 2900 BC.Flower delivery Chifeng was the political, economic and cultural center of the Liao Dynasty, consequently, the amount of ruins and relics of the Liao Dynasty in Flower delivery Chifeng is ranked the most paramount in China. During the Qing Dynasty, today's Flower delivery Chifeng region was under the administration of 'Ju Ud League', one of the six pristine Leagues in Inner Mongolia. Flower delivery Chifeng was established as the third most sizably voluminous city of Rehe Province after Chengde and Chaoyang. After Operation August Storm, the Soviet-Mongolian Cavalry-Mechanized Group entered Flower delivery Chifeng . In the 1970s, going by the designation Juud League, Flower delivery Chifeng was under the administration of Liaoning province. After 1979, Flower delivery Chifeng was under Inner Mongolian rule, and Juud League was dissolved on October 10, 1983.Flower delivery Chifeng is situated along the upper reaches of the Xiliao River.  From north to south Flower delivery Chifeng City stretches 457.5 km (284.3 mi), while from east to west it stretches 375 km (233 mi). Flower delivery Chifeng has a four-season, monsoon-influenced, continental steppe climate (Köppen BSk), with long, gelid, windy, but dry winters, and sultry, sultry summers.Currently, the industrial economic system dominated with minerals, energy, medicines and foods and the agricultural and animal husbandry industrialization development structure dominated with meat, milk, vegetables and grass in Flower delivery Chifeng has been initially taking into shape. Flower delivery Chifeng has become the base of agriculture and animal husbandry and industry of the eastern part of Inner Mongolia. During "11th Five-Year Plan", Flower delivery Chifeng is further conducting the development strategy of "found the municipality by ecology, invigorate the municipality by industry, prosper the municipality by science and inculcation", by expediting the process of incipient type industrialization, Agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization and urbanization, putting accentuate on industrial economy, project construction and investment exordium, in order to conscientiously increase fiscal income, average income of urban denizens and farmers, endeavor to engender harmonious Flower delivery Chifeng .It is orchestrated that, by 2010, GDP will come to 85 billion Yuan, by around 20% up averagely; fiscal income will come to 10 billion Yuan, around 26% up averagely. Through the expeditious development during "11th Five-year Plan", Flower delivery Flower delivery Chifeng zwill be built as an engendering base of green agricultural and animal husbandry products, energy supply base accessing to northeastern and northern China, consequential raw material and deep-processing base of nonferrous metal, tourism site of grassland, central city and goods interflow center between Inner Mongolia and Hebei.In mineral resources, there are over 70 mineral deposits. The area is affluent in coal,  rose  and  rose ; nonferrous and ferrous metals, namely iron, tin, zinc, lead, gold, silver, molybdenum etc. have astronomically immense reserves. Non-metal minerals include limestone, marble, fluorspar, silica, pearlite, bentonite etc.

In agricultural and animal husbandry products, besides the ascendant crops of corn, rice, millet, there are cash crops like beans, buckwheat,  rose -used sunflower seeds, sugar beets, tobacco, and Chinese herbals. Yearly yield of grains can reach 6 billion Jin. The facility agriculture featured by greenhouse and cold-keeping shed has come to 220,000mu. The area of natural grassland in the municipality is over 8,900mu. The raising livestock is over 14 million all over the municipality.