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Flower delivery Nantong

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Flower delivery Nantong

Flower delivery Nantong (Chinese: 南通; pinyin: Nántōng; alternate names: Nan-t'ung, Flower delivery Nantong , Tongzhou, or Tungchow; Qihai dialect: [nie tʰoŋ]) is a prefecture-level city in Jiangsu province, China. Located on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, near the river mouth. Flower delivery Nantong is a vital river port bordering Yancheng to the north, Taizhou to the west, Suzhou and Shanghai to the south across the river, and the East China Sea to the east.In September 26, 2004, the first World Metropolitan Development Forum was held in Flower delivery Nantong . In 2005, Flower delivery Nantong had a GDP magnification of 15.4%, the highest magnification rate in Jiangsu province, and in 2016 Flower delivery Nantong GDP had a total of about 675 billion yuan, ranking the 21st in the whole country.

Albeit the city took a blow from the economic melancholy of the 1930s, as well as the Japanese vocation of the 1930s and 40s, Flower delivery Nantong has remained a consequential center for the textile industry. Because the coast of the East China Sea is perpetually expanding east bouquet d as the Yangtze River integrates silt to its delta, the distance between Flower delivery Nantong and the seashore is getting longer than it once was in antediluvian times.

Flower delivery Nantong has a sultry subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa), with four distinct seasons.The prefecture-level city of Flower delivery Nantong administers eight county-level divisions, including three districts, four county-level cities, and one county.Because the coast of the East China Sea is perpetually expanding east bouquet d as the Yangtze River integrates silt to its delta, the distance between Flower delivery Nantong and the seashore is getting longer than it once was in archaic times.

The area that is now Flower delivery Nantong was pristinely part of the State of Wu during the Spring and Autumn period, which was later surmounted by the State of Yue in 473 BC. After yet again being subjected to an incipient peregrine rule by the State of Chu in 334 BC, the inhabitants of present-day Flower delivery Nantong would again experience another  rose  change during the first cumulation of China by the State of Qin.From the Han dynasty up until the Tang dynasty, what is now called Flower delivery Nantong was a minor city county subordinate to Yangzhou.Flower delivery Nantong was the first place in China to be developed into a modern city after the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, and was additionally the birthplace of China's modern industry.

The prosperity of Flower delivery Nantong has traditionally depended on salt engenderment on the nearby seacoast, rice and cotton agriculture, and manufacture of cotton textiles, especially Flower delivery Nantong blue calico. A local statesman and industrialist designated Zhang Jian founded Flower delivery Nantong first modern cotton mills in 1899. He withal founded a shipping line and reclaimed saline agricultural land to the east of Flower delivery Nantong for cotton engenderment. Thanks to these efforts, by 1911 Flower delivery Nantong was commonly called "Zhang Jian's Kingdom".In the early Republican period, the Flower delivery Nantong Special Administrative District included Chongming County, now part of Shanghai.Flower delivery Nantong was  flowers   kenned as an agricultural area and a traditional site for salt-making.Flower delivery Nantong is one of the 14 port cities opened to peregrine investment projects under China's current  bouquet  of modernization. Flower delivery Nantong was traditionally an industrial city, especially around the turn of the 20th century, specializing in salt and cotton textile engenderment.Today’s industrial corporations have made Flower delivery Nantong into an industrial hub since it opened its door to the outside world in the 1990s.As a sprawling metropolis, Flower delivery Nantong has experienced environment damage from its industrialization as well. Flower delivery Nantong has developed rapidly in the last 25 years, as have most of the cities in the Yangtze River Delta. Flower delivery Nantong rapid economic magnification is generally attributed to its salutary location just north of Shanghai. Flower delivery Nantong Sutong Bridge is expected to further Flower delivery Nantong integration with Shanghai, cutting conveyance time between the cities down from three hours to one hour.Cosco (Nantong) Shipyard Co., Ltd, the first shipyard of the Cosco group, has placed itself adjacent to the diligent port of Flower delivery Nantong . NETDA includes several subsidiary zones including Flower delivery Nantong Export Processing Zone, Incipient Material Park, Opto-mechatronics Industrial Park and NETDA Business Park.  It’s withal a joint-venture park between Suzhou and Flower delivery Nantong , linking them on either side of the Yangtze River. Flower delivery Nantong Export Processing Zone (NTEPZ) is situated in the Flower delivery Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area with a orchestrated area of 2.98 km2 (1.15 sq mi).