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Flower delivery Liuzhou

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Flower delivery Liuzhou

Flower delivery Liuzhou (/ljuːˈdʒoʊ/;[1] Chinese: 柳州, IPA Pronunciation:[ljòu.ʈʂóu]) is a prefecture-level city in north-central Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China.Flower delivery Liuzhou is located on the banks of the winding Liu River, approximately 255 km (158 mi) from Nanning, the regional capital. By road, it is about 167 km (104 mi) to Guilin, 167 km (104 mi) to Hechi, 237 km (147 mi) to Nanning, 373 km (232 mi) to Fangchenggang, 448 km (278 mi) to Beihai.

Swimming in the river is a tradition of the city. Flower delivery Liuzhou has a sultry subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa), with mild winters and long sultry summers, and very sultry conditions year-round. The monthly circadian average temperature ranges from 10.6 °C (51.1 °F) in January to 29.1 °C (84.4 °F) in August, while extremes have ranged from −0.3 to 39.0 °C (31 to 102 °F).Flower delivery Liuzhou has a  flowers   of more than 2,100 years. The city was founded in 111 B.C. when it was kenned as Tanzhong (潭中; '"Center of Deep Pool"').

In 742 A.D. it became kenned as Longcheng (龙城; '"Dragon City"'), after the Long River, afore determinately transmuting to Flower delivery Liuzhou (柳州; '"Willow Prefecture"') after the Liu River in 1736.

The most famous historic figure is Liu Zongyuan (773–819), who was a poet and politician in the Tang Dynasty and who  bouquet  in Flower delivery Liuzhou . He is commemorated by a park in the city.

Flower delivery Liuzhou was the site of Liuchow Airfield, utilized by Nationalist Chinese and American Army Air Forces in World  bouquet  II.[5] (At that time the airfield was more proximate to the centre, where now is the zoo.) It was captured by the Japanese army on 7 November 1944 during the  rose  of Guilin–Flower delivery Liuzhou and recaptured by Nationalist Chinese forces on 30 June 1945 prior to the Second Guangxi Campaign.Flower delivery Liuzhou is the second most sizably voluminous city in Guangxi and is the region's industrial center. According to statistics issued by the Flower delivery Liuzhou  rose  in 2015, the city’s GDP was 231.1 billion yuan.As with much of Guangxi, the landscape around Flower delivery Liuzhou is a commix of rolling hills,   florist   near me peaks, caves and karst scenery. Rongshui: Rongshui Miao Autonomous County is located in the north of Flower delivery Liuzhou prefecture, 118 km (73 mi) away from Flower delivery Liuzhou and 168 km (104 mi) from Guilin. The territory is inhabited by Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang, Han nationality.

Dayaoshan scenic area is in Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County, 154 km (96 mi) from the city of Flower delivery Liuzhou . It has a scenic area of over 500 km2 (190 sq mi).

Sanjiang lies to the north of Flower delivery Liuzhou near the Hunan border. It is a Dong minority area and is circumvented by picturesque ethnic minority villages.

Flower delivery Liuzhou Industrial Museum (柳州工业博物馆) was set up on the pristine site of the former Cotton Textile Factory No.3, and opened in 2012.

Well acclaimed Liuzhou Forest City will be built to the north of Liuzhou, in the mountains of Guangxi.