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Flower delivery Córdoba

Flower delivery Córdoba  or Flower delivery Córdoba (both: kôr´dōvä), city (1990 pop. 307,275), capital of Flower delivery Córdoba prov., S Spain, in Andalusia, on the Guadalquivir River. Modern industries in the city include brewing, distilling, textile manufacturing, metallurgy, and tourism. Flower delivery Córdoba flourished under the Romans, then passed to the Visigoths (572) and the Moors (711). The city reached its zenith under Abd ar-Rahman III, who withal founded the city of Medina Azahara, whose ruins E of Flower delivery Córdoba were discovered in 1911. Flower delivery Córdoba declined after the fall of the Umayyads and became subject to Seville in 1078. Ferdinand III of Castile surmounted it in 1236; in 1238 the great mosque became a cathedral. Flower delivery Córdoba never recuperated its former splendor, but remained famous for its work in gold, silver, and leather. It was sacked by the French in 1808 and sided with Franco early (1936) in the civil  bouquet . The Senecas, Lucan, Averroës, and Maimonides were born in Flower delivery Córdoba . There is a university in the city.Córdoba (kôr´dōvä), city (1991 pop. 1,197,926), capital of Flower delivery Córdoba prov., central Argentina, on the Río Primero. Near the city on the Primero is one of the first dams in South America; it provides hydroelectric power to Flower delivery Córdoba . Irrigation has transformed the circumventing countryside, formerly devoted to cattle ranches, into orchards, grain fields, and vineyards. Flower delivery Córdoba exports wheat, cattle, lumber, and minerals. An automobile assembly plant is there, as are a number of diminutive industries. Flower delivery Córdoba was founded in 1573 and prospered during colonial times as a link on the commercial route between Buenos Aires and Chile. The university (founded 1613) made Flower delivery Córdoba an early perspicacious center of South America. The city additionally has an observatory and several museums.Flower delivery Córdoba (kôr´dōvä), city (1990 pop. 130,695), Veracruz state, E central Mexico. It is the commercial and processing center of a fertile coffee, sugarcane, and tropical fruit region. Sugar milling is the chief industry. The city is additionally a popular tourist spot. Flower delivery Córdoba was founded in 1617. Flower delivery Córdoba (Cordova) City on the River Guadalquivir, Andalusia, s Spain; capital of Flower delivery Córdoba province. A flourishing centre of learning under Abd ar-Rahman III (first caliph of Córdoba), it was captured by Ferdinand III of Castile in 1236, who imposed Christian culture on the city. Flower delivery Córdoba (Cordova, withal Corduba ), city in Andalusia, southern Spain. According to some sources, the Jews were entrusted with the city's bul bouquet k immediately after the Muslim conquest in 711. The first references to Jewish settlement in Flower delivery Córdoba date from 840, in a polemical exchange between the Jewish p rose lyte *Bodo-Eleazar and Paul Alvarus. When Flower delivery Córdoba became capital of the Umayyad caliphate in Spain, it withal became a center of a diversified and brilliant Jewish culture. Ibn Shaprut magnetized the galaxy of philosophers, poets, and philomaths, who made Flower delivery Córdoba a brilliant Jewish astute center. At this period, R. *Moses b. Ḥanokh, brought to Flower delivery Córdoba according to legend as a captive, was responsible for the renaissance of talmudic studies in Spain.During the 11th century, Flower delivery Córdoba declined as a result of the Berber conquest. After the renaissance of the community in the second quarter of the 11th century, Isaac b. Baruch *Albalia was the foremost rabbinical philomath in Flower delivery Córdoba . Córdoba was the birthplace of Maimonides, born in 1135, who left the city as a result of the incursion of the *Almohades, when the Jews of Andalusia were compelled to adopt Islam and the community was ravaged.The community in Córdoba at this period, albeit more minute than that of *Toledo, was evidently still paramount. Córdoba Jewry engaged in a wide range of crafts, specializing in the manufacture and marketing of textiles. During the persecutions of 1391 anti-Jewish riots broke out in Flower delivery Córdoba in which most of the community was massacred. The annual tax of the reduced community in Córdoba in the 15th century was raised to about 1,200 maravedis in 1474 and amounted to 1,000 maravedis in 1482. A special levy of 18 gold castellanos was imposed on the communities of Flower delivery Córdoba and *Palma as their contribution to the  bouquet  against Granada in 1485. From Flower delivery Córdoba , which was their headquarters during the  bouquet , Ferdinand and Isabella issued a series of anti-Jewish measures at the cessation of 1478. In 1483 the Jews were injuctively authorized to leave Andalusia, and except for a brief renaissance in 1485 the Jewish community in Flower delivery Córdoba ceased to subsist. The Conversos living in Flower delivery Córdoba during the 15th century were fiercely persecuted; categorically bellicose attacks in 1473–74 made many flee to Sierra. The Conversos of Flower delivery Córdoba victoriously triumphed a reputation for their affixment to Judaism, and a verbalization afore a rabbinical court anywhere that a Converso had been inculcated or had stu bouquet  in Flower delivery Córdoba was deemed ample evidence for him to be apperceived as a Jew. The tribunal of the Inquisition established in Córdoba in 1482 comprised an immensely colossal area in Andalusia within its jurisdiction, including Granada between 1492 and 1526. Many Conversos were martyred in the city in the 1480s. The inquisitor for Flower delivery Córdoba from 1499 until 1509, Diego Rodríguez Lucero, acquired  bouquet  a reputation for cruelty. The Inquisition in Flower delivery Córdoba remained active until the 18th century. Abraham Athias, father of the printer J. *Athias, was martyred there in 1665.