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Refund Policy guarantees you a return of the product and a refund. *
Products purchased from under the Flocake guarantee can be returned within 14 days in accordance with the law. *

When you decide to return your product, you can contact customer service to express your opinion. Customer service will explain to you what to do and the procedures. Please note that the courier fee, bank charges and expenses incurred during cash or non-cash circulation of the product you paid when returning the product due to a production defect, defect or return of the product are not refundable. The remaining amount will be refunded to you in full within a maximum of 10 days after deducting these fees (excluding regulations set by the banks). If the "amount" is not refunded to you in cash or non-cash within 10 days, please contact our customer service. Please note that in this case, the amount you paid will be refunded without any service fee. is committed to protecting your rights.

Non-refundable products
In order to return one or more products, the product or products must meet the following conditions.
-The product you want to return or change should not be in the list of "non-refundable" products. You can find these products in the list below.
1. If any changes and additions have been made to the product at the request of the customer and the products have been adapted to a certain person
2. Products at risk of return for their intended purpose (hygienically dangerous products such as underwear, cosmetics, toothbrushes, headphones)
3. Packaging by the buyer, audio or video products (DVDs, CDs, cassettes, etc.), computer programs and accessories that are opened in the package.
4. Printing and printing products (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.),
5. Products that are at risk of rapid deterioration or are likely to expire (Note: the product may return damaged, spoiled or expired products when received by the customer.)
6. Products (gold, silver, etc.) whose value is determined on the stock exchange or other markets.
7. Products that have been damaged or changed in composition, shape, characteristics after receiving the order by the customer.